Hello! I'm a New York born designer with a focus on visual identity, design systems and brand storytelling with over 8 years experience. Working with some of my favorite studios and clients over the years, I've helped craft concepts and designs for a wide range of industries and causes with the help of many talented people around me. Feel free to give me a shout or find me online. I'm always interested in collaborating on fun, impactful projects with good people.

2018—Self Employed (Hugo Collective, Grizzly, Red Antler, Hyperakt)
2018—2013 Prophet Senior Designer
2013—2012 Aruliden Freelance Designer
2012—2011 Warehouse Agency NYC Designer
2011—Basel School of Design Summer Workshop
2011—Pratt Institute BA Communication Design
2010—Dress Code NY Intern
2010—Lifelong Friendship Society Intern

Axio helps organizations understand their cyber risk, manage their risk effectively, and make sure they are equipped to financially recover. They deliver the industry’s only true cyber resilience optimization solution that looks at IT security and financial controls/insurance to create an integrated, holistic technology and financial risk solution that can evolve with each client as the risk landscape shifts.

We partnered with Axio to develop a brand that better reflects their business. Starting with a new visual system and fresh color palette, we created a suite of sales materials and updated their website. The line graphics in the visual system are reflective of the Axio Quadrants – a proprietary tool that plays a key role in Axio’s methodology - paired with an expanded headline font and crisp illustrations to create a bold, confident new look.

Cyber risk is fraught with unknowns. But Axio’s innovative approach arms companies with the insights and abilities to make informed decisions, minimize risk, and optimize investment. (Developed at Hugo Collective)

Blue Lantern is a Michigan-based group of quantitative marketers who work with early-to-mid stage VC backed startups to help them accelerate their growth. The graphic identity was inspired by the connection thats made between Blue Lantern and their clients. A simple line is used as a device to accent messaging and information, giving cues to the logotype along the way.

Limited edition screen-printed poster for immersive film series looking at Bowie's career in film as part of 'Bowie Is' exhibiton at The Brooklyn Museum. Poster highlights David Bowies first starring film role in "The Man Who Fell to Earth" directed by Nicolas Roeg. Poster was created in collaboration with Little Cinema. Available for purchase here.

Tech startup RoBotany had secured $35 million in funding to build its first commercial-scale indoor vertical farm, and was eager to come out of stealth mode with a new, consumer-facing brand. Rebranding as Fifth Season, we partnered with the team to create a new look and feel that reflects their goal of reinventing the produce category, bringing consumers back to eating locally-grown fresh produce, through tech enabled vertical farming. Powered by a team of locals and autonomous robots, the first farm is located outside Pittsburgh, in a historically steel-focused town called Braddock. With an aggressive launch plan, we created the new logo, packaging, interim website, copywriting, building signage and promo materials. The brand officially launched to the public in Jan 2020, with products due to appear in stores next month. (Developed at Hugo Collective)

We set out to transform Keurig into a brewing system that could stand for much more than just coffee. Building off the characteristics of simplicity, consistency, convenience and personalization, we developed a positioning centered on how Keurig makes it easy to make the things that make your day. We crafted a new identity and system inspired by the ease of the push of a button and the choice of pods offered by the Keurig system. (Developed at Prophet w/ Christian Dierig and Josh Levi)

During the summer of 2011, I was lucky enough to participate in the typography summer workshop at the Basel School of Design. This was a proposed poster for the 'Type in Motion Exhibition' at the Museum für Gestaltung.

As MetLife underwent a period of economic and technological change, they sought to create a new identity that reflected forward-looking strategy. We developed the partnership “M” monogram to represent the meeting point of two things. The overlay in the "M" then developed into the filmstrip system that allowed for storytelling across all communications and business units.

Following the visual identity rollout, the team was tasked to develop environmental branding throughout MetLife offices around the globe. Modern, Optimistic, Simple, and Tells a Story were the characteristics used in all the visuals to be considered on-brand. The wall coverings were grouped into four collections that work together to tell different aspects of the MetLife story: Core Brand, Heritage, Global Reach and Science of Understanding. (Developed at Prophet w/ Craig Stout, Donna Hadfield, Grace Chou and Marissa Molinaro)

Established in 1993, non-profit organization Seeds of Peace inspires and cultivates new generations of leaders to come together and transform conflict. This happens each summer as hundreds of teenagers and educators engage with one another across lines of conflict. Transformation was an important characteristic behind the visual identity, allowing for various but consistent messaging across various types of materials. (Developed at Prophet w/ Donna Hadfield and Sarita Walsh.)

Studio VK is an architectural/interior design studio founded by Veronica Kan in 2016. The visual identity is simple and clear, giving primary focus to the typography that is built on symmetrical balance. A subtle tie-back to one of the basic rules of architecture.

The goal of Vertice was to create a brand that fits into a category of one, bringing together their signature, elevated hospitality experiences and world-class team. We wanted a look and feel that could embody various ventures and experiences from SingleThread Farms—a three Michelin star restaurant and boutique hotel in California—to Remsen, a luxury destination hotel in Brooklyn. The wordmark is constructed using a modern serif with sharp angles and cuts within the letterforms. The highlight of the logo is the monogram “V” that only uses one diagonal bar and one horizontal bar to create the “V” shape. A combination of dark and bright greens are used as accents throughout the system and are rooted in Vertice’s history of farming and commitment to unmatched expertise.

Wainwright is a Detroit-based real estate brokerage focused on residential and commercial sales and leasing, bringing the highest level of service to all 143-square miles of the city as well as the entire state of Michigan. The identity revolves around a circular symbol crafted from bold lines to represent Wainwright’s commitment to help navigate the home-buying process. The symbol also suggests an abstract wagon wheel, which is inspired by the unique configuration of downtown Detroit. The simple color palette uses a dominate bright blue across the identity alongside black, white, and grey—making the visual identity hard to miss whether it’s a "For Sale" sign in the suburbs or on a tote bag downtown.

In 2015, I was asked to create a graphic illustration as part of a collection of artists for an event called Immigrant Neighbors. The postcards would be handed out to raise money to benefit the important work of the Legal Aid Society Immigration Law Unit. My message was a simple: Protest against the border wall proposed by the 45th President of the United States. After the event, hand screen-printed bags were produced and handed out to the public.

Proposed identity for The Wharton Center, Michigan State University’s performing arts center. The primary mark of the identity is inspired by the shape of the building, the audience gallery and a smile. All three aspects play a key role in the experience of seeing a performance at The Wharton Center. Building on this idea, the simple mark turned into dynamic patterns and graphics to emulate dance, theater, music, and all things performance. (Developed at Prophet)